POUCH for ABSORBENT MATERIALS + advanced textiles + design =

Highly durable, washable, waterproof and flexible sanitary pads and underwear
designed for repeated use without compromising performance,
supporting the well-being of both the girl and the environment

Be Girl's products are designed to work holistically with both the girl and her environment.
She has the choice to use any safe, absorbent material and can fill the pouch to match her unique cycle and flow.
It works with both DISPOSABLE and REUSABLE materials.

- cloth, cotton, wool or toilet paper -

A layered design allows us to carefully select and
combine various materials to deliver optimum performance.

Hold the FlexiPad or BeGirlPanty pocket side up.

Fill the leakproof pocket with toilet paper, cotton, wool or any
absorbent cloth.

Adjust the filler until it lays flat against the bottom liner.

  • To prevent skin irritation and overflow, change the absorbent filler every 4 hours
  • Wash the product every day with water and soap
  • When washing do not twist the fabric
  • Dry in ventilated area


- One BeGirlPanty provides 1+ years of protection
- One FlexiPad provides a full year of protection
- Changing the filler and washing the product
is all that’s required



Made of high-performance sports fabrics
to guarantee 100% leak protection
and comfort all day



Dries in minutes indoors, preserving privacy and preventing mildew and other environmental irritants


Adapts to the availability of resources; users have the choice to use any safe absorbent disposable or reusable material



Dries fast and saves water; cutting-edge fabrics minimize the amount of water needed for washing while the stain-free properties make it easy to wash and dry



Bring high-performance, sustainable and beautiful products to the girls you serve.