The only partnership program based on true get one, give one underwear.


We exist 100% for girls. For every pair of underwear you get, you give a high-performance Be Girl period panty because, gender equality starts with equality within gender.  We believe every person deserves dignity, beauty and confidence every day of the month.  

EmpowerBank is the partnership program that puts Be Girl products directly in the hands of the girls that need them the most.  Because of our extensive work in the field, we know first hand the importance of holistic interventions that work with cultural, economic and social circumstances. Data collection and impact tracking are at the heart of EmpowerBank operations so that we can actively advance the conversation and advocate for the needs of adolescent girls worldwide.



Through the Be Safe fund, Be Girl menstrual products are stock piled and available for immediate distribution at the time of need. Partners in this fund have extensive on-the-ground experience in supply distribution during crisis.

BE Sustainable Fund


Products through this fund are distributed with health and hygiene education as well as impact tracking tools. The Be Sustainable fund allows for partnerships with organizations that have high-quality programs, but are constrained by resources when it comes to maximizing and tracking impact.



The Be Empowered Fund invests by creating sustainable livelihoods for women through a product-based micro-finance program.  Be Girl provides initial inventory as well as sales, health and financial literacy training through embedded community partnerships. 

Together we can do so much



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