After two remarkable years of working to level the playing field for girls and women, we are proud to share with you our first EmpowerBank Impact Report. 

We believe in


At Be Girl, we imagine the world where menstruation is considered beautiful. Our research shows that stigma holds girls back. This is what we set out to change. 

To learn more about our work and the impact its making click below to download our EmpowerBank Report.

Be Girl has partnered with organization worldwide to reach women and girls in dozens of countries. 


Be Girl CREATES PRODUCTS SO girls CAN manage their periods on their own terms, safely and with dignity.

A blood stain should not hold a girl back in her every day. We are committed to continuing working, so it won’t. Together, we've helped many girls to flourish at school and at home and we keep aiming higher to help more. 



Healthy girls equal healthy communities and a better world for all.